“My Bus Bully Confrontation”

All of us have seen the headlines about bullying these days. Though being a PTO Mom is a lifetime away now, I can remember a situation when my boys were bullied. What I did would have landed me in jail these days.
My boys were Chase 8 and Chad  5. They rode the school bus on a daily basis. Our house was at the beginning of a road that only had a few kids on it, which meant it would drop them off and 10 minutes later it would have to drive back pass. Dragging their backpacks the boys ventured down the driveway. I could see one wiping his eyes and the other wiping his nose. It was obvious they were upset.
“What in the world is wrong with you two?” I said in almost a panic. Then as only an 8-year-old big brother could tell he stammered out the situation. “He was making fun of the way Chad talks! I told em’ he couldn’t help it! Then, they said my front teeth were so far apart that I look like a pencil sharpener!” Between the tears I found out it was a neighbor boy in his teens. This kid just made my babies cry! Trying not to let my temper get the best of me as my eyes began seeing red.  In a distance, I could hear the bus coming back up the road. Without thought, I am standing beside the road. I waved at the bus driver who had noticed the boys were crying.  She swung open the door and I asked to speak to the young gentleman. I stepped up into the bus and said his name. Slowly a boy, who was taller than me, slid out his seat and came forward. With every bit of restraint I could find I said in a quiet but strong tone, “I thought you’d enjoy picking on someone more your size?” He looked at me and remained quiet. “You made my babies cry. Do you feel good about yourself? I recommend you never speaking to them again. Do you understand?” A soft “Yes, ma’am” was all he said. After telling the bus driver thanks, the boys and I went to the house and drowned our woes in ice-cream. Later that night, my husband called and also talked to the teen’s Dad. I don’t know what actually changed his attitude but my son told me that he was always super nice to both of them from that point on.
Kids are cruel….but they aren’t born cruel. They mimic the world they live in.